Xiaomi's 200W charging head has been put on the production line

On July 8th, a charger model  MDY-13-EU from Xiaomi was added to the network, supports 20V-10A up to 200W  super flash charging protocol, and is backward compatible with 17V-10A 170W and 20V-6A 120W and other fast charging protocols.

According to the blogger @Digital Chat Station, the charger has been put on record for production, and the super 100-watt solution has been reserved, waiting for the new machine to land. However, depending on the plan, the mainstream 100-watt models will still be 120W until the first half of next year.

Many of Xiaomi's current new phones have used 120W fast charging, but 200W has just entered the network, and it is not clear which model will be equipped with.

And iQOO has officially announced that it will release the first mass-produced 200W ultra-fast flash charge iQOO 10 series on July 19. The new phone has been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 3C, confirming that the iQOO 10 and iQOO 10 Pro support 120W and 200W fast charge respectively.

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