Zhongying Electronics: AMOLED chips will be verified by brand manufacturers in the second half of the year

Zhongying Electronics stated in the newly disclosed investor relations activity record for the progress of AMOLED display driver chips that the technical modules of AMOLED chips are designed by the company itself, and the existing products are mainly sold on mobile phone screens. In the maintenance market, AMOLED chips designed for brand pre-installation specifications will be promoted to brand manufacturers for verification in the second half of the year.

In response to the investor's question about "the progress of the subsidiary Hefei?", Zhongying Electronics said that the subsidiary Hefei Zhongying is in normal operation, and the second headquarters of Hefei is carrying out civil construction as planned. After the completion of the interior decoration, it can be officially opened. Now Hefei Zhongying has been actively recruiting talents locally.

Zhongying Electronics said that in terms of the company's product prices, some industrial control MCUs increased slightly at the beginning of the year. In the first half of the year, the market price pressure of AMOLED display driver chips was relatively high, while the prices of other products were relatively stable. The company pays attention to product quality and customer service, which is the source of product competitiveness.

In terms of the increment of lithium batteries, Zhongying Electronics said that the market share of the company's lithium battery management chips in smartphones has increased rapidly, which is due to the fact that domestic mobile phone brand manufacturers use the company's products as the main choice for domestic replacement, lithium battery management chips. Growth in notebook PC applications is relatively stable. The applications on the power side are mainly products such as electric bicycles, sweeping robots, energy storage for 5G base stations, and power tools. The company plans to develop management chip products in the field of new energy vehicles using lithium batteries.

Zhongying Electronics said that the company's medium and long-term research and development direction is mainly IIoT industrial Internet of Things chips, new energy vehicle chip applications, and AMOLED display driver chips required by mobile phone brand customers.

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