15-year-old unopened Apple iPhone sells for 240,000 yuan at auction

 In a recent auction, an early production unopened Apple's original iPhone was auctioned for $35,000. Judging by the box design, this was one of the first models to be sold in the first few months of the first-generation iPhone in June 2007, and the home screen didn't include the iTunes Store icon.

The iTunes Store app wasn't originally included with the iPhone until it was added a few months later with the release of iPhone OS 1.1 in September 2007. Icons were subsequently added to the iPhone box design.

The auction website shows that the iPhone model is A1203 or a high-end 8GB version, and the specific auction price is $35,414 (about 243,600 yuan)

Apple's first-generation iPhone is true of great significance in the development of smartphones. It brought capacitive touch screen and pure touch screen operation interface to the eyes of consumers and subsequently opened up a boom in the mobile application market through the App Store.

Apple founder Steve Jobs said at the launch of the original iPhone: "The iPhone was a revolutionary and amazing product that was five years ahead of any other phone."

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