2022 Samsung TV strategy new product launch will be held on August 26

Samsung officially announced today that Micro LED will be launched soon! Inorganic self-luminous display technology will make a big debut in China.

The 2022 Samsung TV strategic new product launch conference will be held at 19:00 on August 26, known as "eye-opening with Samsung". It is not difficult to see from the countdown posters released by the official Weibo recently that this conference will bring new TV products with both soft and hard components, and the collision of hard technology and soft power will become the biggest attraction this time.

In addition, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV National Bank will also be released on August 26, so stay tuned.

Samsung said that the new TV products to be released this time have started pre-sale and will go on sale at 19:00 on August 31st, of which 8K high-end TVs will go on sale at 20:00 on August 26th.

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