2022 World Robot Conference Opening Ceremony Held in Beijing

The opening ceremony of the 2022 World Robot Conference was held in Beijing. The theme of this conference is "co-creation, sharing, negotiation and win-win". There are three major sections of forum, exposition, and competition, as well as a series of supporting activities. As the largest robotics event with the highest specifications and the most international elements in China, the conference has been successfully held for six sessions.

Among them, the conference forum consists of an opening ceremony, three thematic summits, more than 40 thematic forums, and supporting activities, which are conducted in the form of online and offline integration, domestic and overseas interaction, and inviting more than 300 people from 15 countries and regions. A guest to share cutting-edge academic achievements and development trends in the field of robotics.

At this expo, more than 30 new global debut products were also released on the spot. There are more than 130 companies in this expo, bringing more than 500 exhibits, including high-temperature fire-fighting robots, humanoid robots that can sing, intelligent bionic robotic fish in swimming pools, and more than 100 "robot dogs" dancing on the spot. Aircraft performance aerial landscaping, etc.

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