AMD Releases Adrenalin 22.8.2 Graphics Driver

AMD released the Adrenalin 22.8.2 graphics card driver, which optimized support for the two new games "Saints Row" and "Women's Bridge: Road to Soul".

The restart of "Saints Row" is unlocked today.

About the game

Players will play the role of the future boss. With the help of Nina, Kevin and Eli and others, they will create "Saints" to fight against hostile forces such as the Leopard Gang, Idol and Marshall. Build your own empire and fight for the dominance of the city. At the end of the day, Saints Row tells the story of a startup company that happens to be in the business of crime. Experience the biggest and best game ever in the Saints Row franchise: the unique expansive world of San Doileso creates a wild, unimaginable sandbox stage full of thrilling side hustles, criminal careers and all kinds of shocks Powerful missions that take players to the top of the criminal world with marksmanship, driving skills, and wingsuits.

"Ghost Bridge: The Road to the Soul" will be released on August 25th . This is a first-person covert horror game adapted from the suspense thriller movie "Ghost Bridge". It is based on the background of modern real campus ghost stories, telling six The story of a student's ghost encounter at school. With fear, unease, and the hilarious humour of adolescence.

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