AMD Ryzen 7000 65W TDP has a huge performance improvement

AMD mentioned the improvement in the energy efficiency of the R9 7950X in the official PPT of the Ryzen 7000 series processors. Compared with the previous generation of the R9 5950X, the performance has improved by up to 65W TDP. 74%.

As shown above, also at 65W TDP, the latest R9 7950X outperforms R9 5950X by 74% , 37% at 105W TDP, and 35% at 170W TDP.

AMD announced the "Dragon Range" processor for high-end gaming laptops in May this year, using the Zen4 microarchitecture, 55W+ power consumption design, and supporting PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 memory technology.

AMD said in the PPT that the series has "the highest cores, threads, and caches ever in a mobile gaming processor," suggesting that it will break through 8 cores and is expected to achieve 12 or 16 cores. In other words, AMD is likely to port the desktop Ryzen 7000 processor to the mobile terminal.

In view of the huge performance improvement of the Ryzen 7000 at 65W TDP, it is expected that the Ryzen 7000HX series 55W TDP mobile processor will usher in the largest performance improvement in history. As usual, AMD is expected to release a new generation of mobile processors at CES early next year.

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