AMD showcases RX 7000 series graphics cards

AMD officially released the Ryzen 7000 series processors today. At the same time, AMD CEO Su Zifeng showed the upcoming  RX 7000 series graphics cards. The design of the RX 7000 series reference graphics card maintains a black color scheme and a three-fan design, similar to the RX 6950XT. AMD did not disclose which graphics card this is, but it should be a high-end product in terms of thickness.

AMD RX 7000 series graphics cards will be equipped with RDNA3 architecture GPUs, which are officially confirmed to be launched later this year, with a substantial increase in performance.

AMD Radeon senior vice president David Wang said the next-generation GPUs in the Radeon RX 7000 series will provide more than 50 percent performance-per-watt improvement over existing RDNA 2 GPUs.

Highlights of the RX 7000 series are as follows:

  • 5nm process node
  • Advanced Chiplet Packaging
  • New Architecture Compute Unit
  • Optimized graphics pipeline
  • Next-Generation AMD Infinite Cache
  • 50% improvement in performance per watt compared to RDNA 2

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