AMD's new 6-core R5 7600X appeared on Geekbench

AMD today released a model R5 7600X with the lowest specifications of the Ryzen 7000 processor has now appeared on Geekbench.

As shown in the picture above, the tested R5 7600X has 6 cores and 12 threads, the main frequency is 4.7GHz, the acceleration frequency is 5.4GHz, and the L3 cache is 32MB. The motherboard is MSI X670E.

In terms of running points, the R5 7600X has a single-core 2165 and a multi-core 11432. In contrast, the old R5 5600X can achieve more than 1700 points for single core and more than 9000 points for multi-core on Geekbench. Compared with the R5 5600X, the single core of the R5 7600X is improved by more than 20%.

According to AMD officials, the R5 7600X is up to 21% higher than the R5 5600X in 1080p games, especially in “Rainbow Six Siege”. The parameters and prices of the first four models of AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors are as follows:

  • R9 7950X: 16C32T, 4.5-5.7GHz, 80MB cache, 170W TDP, $699
  • R9 7900X: 12C24T, 4.7-5.6GHz, 76MB cache, 170W TDP, $549
  • R7 7700X: 8C16T, 4.5-5.4GHz, 40MB cache, 105W TDP, $399
  • R5 7600X: 6C12T, 4.7-5.3GHz, 38MB cache, 105W TDP, $299

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