Analyst: Apple's Mac supply chain returns to normal

Analysts at JPMorgan Chase, a well-known US investment bank, said that Apple's Mac supply chain has returned to normal, and the delivery time has been shortened to about a week or less. That means Apple users now have to wait about five days on average to get their hands on a new Mac after placing an order, up from an average of about 15 days in June. Consumers in North America have been waiting longer, waiting around 8 days to buy a new Mac, down from 18 days in June.

Apple's latest financial report for the third quarter of 2022 showed that Mac sales in the second quarter were lower than market expectations, down 10% year-on-year. Chief executive Tim Cook attributed the drop in sales to supply chain issues that prevented Apple from producing enough computers to meet market demand.

In April, Apple warned that parts shortages would cut revenue by $4 billion to $8 billion for the quarter. Apple's official website shows that shipment times for many Mac computers increased during the quarter. Cook said on the earnings call that supply chain issues ultimately resulted in a revenue shortfall of less than $4 billion.

The MacBook Air is Apple's best-selling computer. Apple also released a new MacBook Air in June and began shipping to customers in July.

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