Apple iOS / iPadOS 16 public beta Beta 5 released

After releasing the developer preview version Beta 7 yesterday, Apple today pushed the iOS / iPadOS 16 public beta version Beta 5 update to iPhone and iPad users.

In iOS 16, users can edit or recall messages just sent, restore recently deleted messages , and mark conversations as unread for later.

The lock screen in iOS 16 just got more personal. A new multi-layered effect that brings the subject of the photo in front of time on the lock screen, creating a depth-of-field effect . Users can also change the way the date and time are displayed using bolder fonts and colors.

The new home app makes it easier for users to control, organize and view accessories, and the enhancement of the underlying architecture also allows users to control smart home devices at home more efficiently and securely. Additionally, iOS 16 will roll out a software update this fall that will add support for Matter, the smart home connectivity standard.

In addition, iCloud Shared Library can set up a separate iCloud library, which supports up to 6 users to collaborate, store and view together . Users can choose to share photos already in their personal library, or set a specific start date or people in the photo to share. Users can also use a new toggle button in the camera app to choose to automatically send the captured photos to the shared library.

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