Apple iPhone 14 / Pro conference "super-forward" invitation hints three functions

Apple officially issued an invitation letter early this morning, announcing that it will hold an autumn conference at 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 8th, and is expected to launch a new generation of iPhone 14 mobile phones.

The theme of Apple's invitation is "Far out" (extraordinary), and the Chinese theme is "super forward-looking". So, what information might be implied in this invitation?

One of the most obvious possibilities, given the space-themed design of Apple's invitation, is that it hints at new satellite connectivity. The iPhone's satellite connectivity feature was first reported last year when it was rumored to be coming to the iPhone 13, but it never materialized.

In March, tech blog 9to5Mac exclusively reported that Apple is still developing these satellite features and could implement them this year as part of the iPhone 14’s features. iOS 16 also adds a new "SOS" (SOS) icon to the iPhone status bar, which appears when a user's iPhone loses cellular connectivity.

The satellite functionality is expected to allow users to use it in an emergency, connecting to a satellite in the event of a loss of cellular phone service in order to contact first responders. There are also media reports that Apple has prepared two satellite functions: one to send messages in the Messages app, and the other to provide a more direct reporting mechanism in major emergencies such as plane crashes and shipwrecks.

In addition, the space theme of the invitation may also hint at a long-rumored feature, that is, the iPhone's astrophotography function. This will improve the iPhone's camera performance in low-light environments, especially outdoors. If this feature comes to fruition, the iPhone will be able to detect the moon or stars and then use longer exposure times and more internal processing to refine the image.

Finally, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max may feature a new always-on display for the first time. This possibility may be less than the satellite connection function. However, the extremely dark background in the invitation may be related to the always-on OLED display in some way.

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