Apple Watch update dial "big text": concise and conspicuous / background color

Apple recently pushed the watchOS 9 developer preview version Beta 6 / public beta version Beta 4 update , according to the feedback from netizens, in the latest watchOS 9 Beta, the dial "big text" has been updated, and new background color.

The updated "Large Text" watch face is similar to the classic two-line text watch face, with the addition of a new background color. This compact, digital-style dial displays the time in bold, either full-screen or above an oversized single complication, keeping the information you care about most prominently. The dial also supports multiple color options.

In early August, the Apple Apple Watch launched the first Chinese dialect with Chinese characters, named "Typograph". According to the official introduction, the dial is designed to celebrate typography, and this dial has three custom styles: classic, modern and round. You can choose four numbers or twelve numbers and display them in Arabic, Arabic, Hindi, Devanagari, etc.

Apple's watchOS 9 update introduces several new dial options: a "moon phase" dial depicting the relationship between the solar and lunar calendars, which can be used in Chinese, Islamic, Hebrew and other cultural environments; unique A dynamic artwork "Happy Hour" dial, created by Apple Watch in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton; an elegant "Metropolis" dial that changes style when the user turns the Digital Crown; and a completely remade "Metropolis" dial "Astronomy" dial, launched a new star map function and cloud data function. In addition, several existing watch faces have been improved. 

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