Babitang released the new Orion wireless controller

Babitang released the new Orion True Wireless Controller / NS version, which will be available in October. The price of the National Bank has not yet been announced. According to reports, the Orion series of true wireless controllers support Switch, Win10, and Android platforms. The handle is designed with a base that integrates charging, storage, display, and signal extension, and is also equipped with a fully automatic start-stop function.

Orion True Wireless Controller (NS version) is a controller specially designed for NS platform players . It supports shaking the controller to wake up the Switch. The classic 3D eight-way cross-shaped arrow keys, with a concave logo, double-layer three-dimensional design, and the motherboard are independently raised, bringing more comfortable and precise control.

According to reports, the wireless version of the handle has a charging base, of which the true wireless handle (NS version) has a flight time of 22 hours, and the true wireless handle version has a battery life of 15 hours.

In terms of appearance, the Orion True Wireless series maintains the well-received asymmetric joystick layout design, adopts ergonomic design, provides a full-key, full-size appearance design, and comprehensively improves the control feel through feel adjustment. The handle is 3D modeled with cobblestones to provide full support. The anti-slip shape of the waves and the zonal gradient sun strips significantly improve friction and prevent hand slippage caused by sweating in the game.

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