Baseus Announces New Atmos Wireless Headphones + Neck Speakers

A few days ago, Baseus announced that it will hold a fall new product launch conference at 20:00 on the evening of August 18. In addition to launching some charging products with the latest technology, Baseus will also launch some audio products. .

According to the official warm-up, Baseus will launch a panoramic sound TWS wireless headset and a neck-mounted speaker.

As shown in the picture above, Baseus' new true wireless earphones and neck-mounted speakers have the WANOS logo. IT Home has learned that WANOS is a standard for panoramic sound, which is used in panoramic sound movies, ultra-high-definition TV, and Internet broadband audio and video services .

A few days ago, Baseus also warmed up the new charging products:

This charger uses two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and an HDMI port . It is expected to realize the HUB function, and expand the video output port while charging the notebook.

This product is equipped with two USB-C and two USB-A interfaces, and is marked with SuperVOOC on the side.

The last product is a desktop charging product that focuses on digitization and high appearance.

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