Changan Deep Blue and its suppliers temporarily suspend production in response to the call for power cuts

Changan Automobile issued an announcement saying that due to the continuous extreme high temperature weather that has been experienced for decades in Chongqing, Sichuan and other places, the electricity supply for normal life in the city is currently tight. and major suppliers have actively responded to the government's call for orderly electricity use from August 15, 2022, suspending the production of SL03 vehicles and parts. The shutdown is expected to last from August 15 to 24.

In order to ensure the high-quality delivery of the first batch of users as soon as possible, Changan Deep Blue has organized the supply team to go to the front line of each supplier to prepare key materials, and will do its best to start the delivery of SL03 at the end of August.

Changan Deep Blue SL03 was launched on July 25. The extended range version is 168,900 yuan after comprehensive subsidies, the pure electric version is 183,900-215,900 yuan, and the hydrogen electric version is 699,900 yuan.

As the first model built by Changan Dark Blue, the Dark Blue SL03 is 4820mm long, 2900mm wheelbase, 1890mm wide, and is equipped with a 14.6-inch sunflower screen, AR-HUD head-up display, hidden door handles, frameless doors, a suspended rear wing and a penetrating LED taillights.

In terms of performance, the Changan Deep Blue SL03 pure electric version has a cruising range of 515km / 705km under comprehensive operating conditions, a fastest acceleration of 5.9s per 100 kilometers, and a peak power of 190kW. The extended-range version has a cruising range of 1,200km, a pure electric range of 200km, and a fuel consumption of 4.5L/100km. The hydrogen-electric version has a cruising range of 730km under comprehensive operating conditions, consumes 0.65kg of hydrogen per 100 kilometers, and takes 3 minutes to fill up with hydrogen.

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