CHERRY: A variety of gaming notebooks are equipped with its ultra-low shaft mechanical keyboard

CHERRY issued an article saying that with the development of high-performance gaming notebooks, more and more brands are using the CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile ultra-low shaft. In the future, the shaft will also be used for office notebooks.

CHERRY is currently the only brand that provides ultra-low mechanical keyboard shafts for notebooks. Since its launch in 2021, CHERRY MX ULP has been adopted by high-end gaming laptops including Dell/Alien, MSI, XMG, Corsair. 

According to reports, the CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile ultra-low profile shaft is made of stainless steel, which is not only durable but also accurate in triggering, which makes the ULP series ultra-low profile an ideal choice for high-performance gaming and office notebooks. In addition to the version with the click paragraph sound like the green axis, the ULP ultra-low axis now also has a pure tactile version similar to the brown axis, which can still feel the mechanical feeling brought by the paragraph feel, but cancel the click paragraph sound.

In terms of parameters, the CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile ultra-low profile shaft has an overall height of only 3.5mm, and with CHERRY's iconic gold cross contact technology, it can provide users with a unique feel.

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