China: the domestic independent chips will be compatible with the open Kylin system

According to the release of openKylin, recently, Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Feiteng") signed the openKylin community CLA (Contributor License Agreement Contributor License Agreement), and officially joined the openKylin open source community.

After joining the openKylin community, Feiteng will give full play to the advantages of its own core chip technology, actively participate in community contributions, and through community collaboration, promote the compatibility and adaptation of Feiteng chips with the openKylin operating system, and promote the technological innovation and ecological development of the openKylin community.

As a domestic independent core chip provider, Feiteng was established in 2014 with the joint support of China Electronics Information Industry Group, Tianjin Binhai New Area Government and Tianjin Advanced Technology Research Institute. The design, development and industrialization promotion of processors, together with many domestic software and hardware ecological manufacturers, provide China's independent national information system overall solutions based on international mainstream technical standards, supporting national information security and important industrial security.

In July this year, the first experience version of the desktop operating system root community openKylin (Open Kylin) - openKylin 0.7 was released.

According to the official introduction, openKylin 0.7 is based on the Linux 5.15 kernel and other open source components, striving towards the goal of "independent innovation for every line of code". At the same time, this version is equipped with the UKUI 3.1 desktop environment by default, with built-in "Heyin" and "Light-seeking" two system themes, provides wayland support and tablet mode support, and integrates a series of stable versions of the basic library, graphics development library and SDK, Bring a good user experience to users.

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