China: Microsoft National Bank Xbox Series X latest round of lottery

A few days ago, the Microsoft official mall once again opened the Xbox Series X National Bank lottery purchase event, limited to 40 units. Today, Microsoft announced the results of the lottery. The number of people in the parameter lottery reached 48,052. 40 people won the lottery, and the winning rate was 0.08%. Participating in this activity, small partners can go to the Microsoft Store WeChat applet to view the results.

At present, the Microsoft Xbox Series S is available for purchase, but the Xbox Series X is still out of stock in China. Microsoft occasionally takes out some Xbox Series X for players across the country to buy by lottery. The number of units drawn by lottery was 200 units, and then it was reduced to 130 units. There are only 40 units this time.

On May 14 last year, the next-generation Xbox console of the National Bank was released, and the Xbox Series X was priced at 3,899 yuan. In terms of parameters, Microsoft Xbox Series X is equipped with AMD's custom APU, Zen2 CPU + RDNA2 GPU, and the graphics card is 52 sets of CUs, that is, 3328 stream processors. RAM/VRAM capacity is 16GB GDDR6, with 1TB custom NVME SSD, expandable storage 1TB expansion card, performance target is 4K @ 60 fps, up to 120 fps.

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