China Mobile releases the world's first 2.6GHz 5G integrated femtocell

At the 6th Future Network Development Conference held on August 24, China Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile Zijin (Jiangsu) Innovation Research Institute officially released the world's first 2.6GHz 5G integrated Home base station.

According to China Mobile, the integrated femtocell can quickly achieve 5G in-depth coverage in scenarios such as homes, business halls, conference rooms, and small shops, and provide stable, secure, and end-to-end guaranteed network services for a variety of indoor business applications.

According to reports, this product can use indoor network cables or optical fibers for backhaul , eliminating the need for various complex constructions such as pulling dedicated lines and punching holes through walls, allowing users to plug and play 5G networks.

In July 2022, China Mobile has completed the end-to-end application verification in Suzhou , with good business indicators, and can provide differentiated network services on the basis of existing home broadband.

The 2022 interim performance report shows that China Mobile has 970 million mobile customers, including 511 million 5G package customers; 256 million wired broadband customers, including 230 million home broadband customers household.

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