China Mobile's 5G messaging terminal adds Hi nova 10

China Mobile officially released the latest 5G messaging terminal models. As of August 17, there were 137 terminal models supporting UP2.4. This time, a new Hi nova 10 mobile phone was added. Except for Samsung (S20 series onwards) and ZTE public version (S30 series and AXON30 onwards) terminals that support UP2.4, other brand terminals only support UP2.4 functions on the equity version models. It is recommended to purchase models that will be listed after 2020Q3 .

At the end of July this year, China Post Communication's existing new 5G phones with models MGZ-BD00 and ALH-BD00 passed the national 3C certification to access the network and support 100W and 66W wired charging. It is expected to be the new Hi nova 10 series.

In response to the industry consensus that mobile terminals lacked support for 5G messages, Zhuang Renfeng, deputy general manager of China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd., suggested that the 5G message service function should be included in the terminal network access detection requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The so-called 5G message is actually an information service system based on the GSMA RCS UP standard. By introducing the MaaP technology, the multimedia, lightweight and interactive messages can be realized. As an upgrade of the SMS service, the content of 5G message transmission not only includes text, pictures, audio, video, location, contacts and other information, but also can provide rich services such as payment, reviews, shopping, etc., such as buying tickets, checking express logistics, hospitals Various applications such as registration, payment of coal, electricity, water and gas. But 5G messages do not need to be downloaded and installed like WeChat and QQ, and are part of the terminal like SMS.

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