China put the promotion of new energy development in a more prominent position

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicly solicited opinions on the " Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Energy Electronics Industry (Draft for Comments)".

The consultation draft proposes that by 2025, the annual output value of the energy electronics industry will reach 3 trillion yuan, and its comprehensive strength will enter the world's advanced ranks. Breakthroughs have been made in industrial technological innovation, the industrial foundation has been advanced, the level of modernization of the industrial chain has been significantly improved, and the industrial ecological system has been basically established. The supply capacity of high-end products has been greatly improved, and the application of technology integration has been accelerated. The energy electronics industry effectively supports the large-scale application of new energy and has become an important force in promoting the energy revolution. By 2030, the comprehensive strength of the energy electronics industry will continue to improve, forming an industrial scale that is commensurate with the demand for new energy at home and abroad. Industrial clusters and ecosystems have been continuously improved, and new-generation information technologies such as 5G/6G, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet have been widely used in the energy field, and a number of internationally leading energy electronics companies have been cultivated. . The energy electronics industry has become a key force in promoting the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

The consultation draft proposes to put the promotion of new energy development in a more prominent position, actively and orderly develop light energy, silicon energy, hydrogen energy, and renewable energy , and promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the energy and electronics industry chain and supply chain to form a dynamic balance. A benign industrial ecology. Guide the balanced development of all aspects of solar photovoltaic, energy storage technology and products, and avoid overcapacity and vicious competition. Promote the in-depth integration and innovative application of "optical storage, terminal information", grasp the development trends and laws of the digital economy, accelerate the integration and development of new generation information technology and new energy, and actively cultivate new products, new formats and new models. Promote key breakthroughs in the fields of basic components, basic materials, and basic processes, forge industrial long-board, make up for basic short-board, and improve the anti-risk capability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

The consultation draft proposes to improve the supply capacity of solar photovoltaics and new energy storage batteries. Accelerate innovation and breakthroughs in smart photovoltaics, develop high-purity silicon materials and large-scale silicon wafer technologies, support the production of high-efficiency and low-cost crystalline silicon cells, and promote the R&D and application of advanced technologies such as N-type high-efficiency cells, flexible thin-film cells, perovskite and tandem cells. , to improve large-scale mass production capacity. Encourage the development of advanced and applicable intelligent photovoltaic modules, and the development of key components such as intelligent inverters, controllers, combiner boxes, and tracking systems. Increase support for the R&D and application of key technical equipment and raw and auxiliary materials. Encourage the development of safe and convenient household intelligent photovoltaic systems, and encourage the development of mobile energy products such as photovoltaic power banks, wearable equipment, and vehicles. Explore the establishment of photovoltaic "carbon footprint" evaluation standards and carry out certification. Accelerate the construction of a photovoltaic supply chain traceability system, and promote the research and development and industrial application of photovoltaic module recycling technology.

The draft for comments proposes to strengthen technical research on the industrialization of new energy storage batteries, and promote the large-scale application of advanced energy storage technologies and products. Research breakthroughs in key technologies such as ultra-long-life and high-safety battery systems, large-scale large-capacity high-efficiency energy storage, and transportation mobile energy storage, and accelerate the development of new batteries such as solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and hydrogen energy storage/fuel cells . Promote intelligent production technology and equipment, advanced integration and manufacturing technology, performance testing and evaluation technology. Improve the security capabilities of key resources such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, and platinum, and strengthen the development and application of alternative materials. Promote hybrid energy storage systems based on complementary power and energy electrochemical energy storage technologies. Support the establishment of lithium battery and other full life cycle traceability management platforms, carry out research on battery carbon footprint accounting standards and methods, and explore the establishment of a battery product carbon emission management system.

The consultation draft proposes to support the development of ultra-long-life and high-safety energy storage lithium-ion batteries . Optimize the design and manufacturing process, and improve the safety and economy of the battery life cycle from multiple dimensions such as materials, monomers, and systems. Promote the research and development and application of polymer lithium-ion batteries, all-climate batteries, solid-state batteries and fast-charging batteries. Ensure the supply of high-performance lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and precursor materials, and improve the performance of cathode materials such as single crystal high nickel and lithium iron manganese phosphate. Improve the application level of anode materials such as graphite and lithium composite anodes. Accelerate the industrial application of high-purity carbonate solvents and high-purity lithium hexafluorophosphate solutes for electrolytes. Improve the performance of high-perforation and high-adhesion functional separators.

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