China: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 folding screen mobile phone released by the National Bank

Samsung officially released the Galaxy Z Flip4 folding screen mobile phone, 256GB priced at $1099 (about 7418.25 yuan), 512GB priced at $1179 (about 7958.25 yuan).

Today, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 National Bank officially released, the 256GB version is priced at 7,499 yuan, and the 512GB version is priced at 8,499 yuan.

The size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is 71.9 x 165.2 x 6.9mm and weighs 187g; the screen is 6.7 inches with 2640 x 1080 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate , and the small screen is 1.9 inches with 260 x 512 resolution; equipped with Snapdragon Dragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, standard 8GB memory , optional 128GB - 512GB flash memory.

In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 uses the four stylish and versatile colors shown above, and the matte finish on the glass forms a soft contrast with the high-gloss metal frame. There are four colors to choose from: Mysterious Violet, Gothic Space, Cherry Blossom Garden and Blue Ocean Holiday.

In terms of screen, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 uses a 6.7-inch (right-angle) screen and uses ultra-thin glass to show a beautiful appearance. Compared to the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, the material is stronger and can withstand up to 200,000 folds. Officially, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is durable. The back panel features hard-wearing Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ glass, and the frame features a lightweight and strong armored aluminum frame construction that wraps a precision hinge for tight protection. In terms of water resistance, the official said that it can be easily placed in 1.5 meters of still water for 30 minutes, and it can still be used normally after taking it out and drying it.

In terms of cameras, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has a dual 12-megapixel rear camera and a front-facing 10-megapixel front camera . When taking a selfie with the rear camera, you can preview it in real time through the external screen. Live preview is available either as a full-screen viewfinder preview, or double-tap the outside screen to preview at native scale to make sure everyone is in the viewfinder. With a new software upgrade, quick shots do more from multiple angles.

In terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is equipped with a 3700mAh (typical value) battery, which realizes intelligent power distribution and can achieve light and long battery life. When the battery is low, you can connect to Super Accelerated Charge or use Wireless Quick Charge 2.0, and you can also charge your friend's phone or earphones with the phone's power through wireless shared charging.

The following is a comparison of the parameters of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and the old Z Flips3 5G.

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