China will prohibit primary and secondary school kindergarten students from bringing mobile phones into the classroom

Fujian will prohibit primary and secondary school kindergarten students from bringing mobile phones into the classroom. This is the 34th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Fujian Provincial People's Congress. adopted regulations.

This also means that at the beginning of the new semester this fall, there will be laws to abide by when it comes to saying no to students who bring mobile phones, including phone watches, into the classroom.

In February 2021, in order to protect students' eyesight, allow students to concentrate on their studies in school, prevent addiction to the Internet and games, and promote the healthy development of students' physical and mental health, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Guidelines on Strengthening the Management of Mobile Phones for Primary and Secondary School Students".

The "Notice" requires that primary and secondary school students are not allowed to bring their personal mobile phones into the campus in principle. If there is a real need, a written application must be submitted with the consent of the parents. After entering the school, the mobile phone should be kept by the school and not allowed to be brought into the classroom.

The "Notice" emphasizes that the school should incorporate mobile phone management into the daily management of the school, formulate specific measures, clarify the place, method, and responsible person for unified storage, and provide necessary storage devices. The needs of students to communicate with their parents should be solved through the establishment of public telephones in the school and a communication hotline for class teachers. Do not use mobile phones to assign assignments or ask students to use mobile phones to complete assignments.

The Ministry of Education requires all primary and secondary schools to ensure that the implementation of mobile phone management is effective: ① Refine management measures according to the requirement that mobile phones are "limited into campuses and prohibited from being brought into classrooms"; ② Schools should inform each family and each individual of the specific requirements for mobile phone management in advance. Students, strive for understanding and support; ③ Prepare necessary mobile phone storage devices.

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