Chinese desktop GPU "Fenghua No. 2" and the Kirin operating system have completed mutual certification

According to the official news of Innosilicon, the "Fenghua 2" GPU independently developed by Innosilicon has recently completed mutual certification with the Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system.

The certification information shows that the Fenghua No. 1 series graphics cards, Fenghua No. 2 series graphics cards, and the Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system Feiteng / Loongson / Haiguang / AMD64 version V10 have completed the compatibility test, which can meet the general compatibility requirements, performance and reliability requirements, and meet the needs of users. critical application requirements.

Innosilicon stated that "Fenghua No. 2" is a desktop and notebook GPU that supports low power consumption, strong rendering, 4K high-definition three-screen display, 4K video decoding, and intelligent AI computing. Kylin desktop operating system is a graphical operating system for terminal applications, which can realize performance optimization and personalized function customization according to customer needs and specific software and hardware environments.

Official data shows that the Fenghua No. 2 graphics card has excellent performance and leading scores on the Kirin operating system. In the live demonstration, the GLmark2 benchmark test score exceeded 6500, and the typical desktop application power consumption was 4-15W.

According to previous information, the floating-point computing power of Fenghua No. 2 has reached 1.5 TFLOPS (FP32), the maximum optional LPDDR5X type of video memory, the memory capacity of up to 8GB, the graphics card using PCIe 3.0 interface, the interface includes HDMI 2.0, DP1.4, VGA Wait, the power consumption of the whole card is 4-15W.

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