Dell ceases all operations in Russia and closes offices

Dell Technologies said on Saturday that it had ceased all operations in Russia after closing its offices in mid-August.

Dell suspended sales in Ukraine and Russia in February, saying it would monitor the situation to determine its next steps.

Today, Dell spokesman Mike Siemienas told Reuters: " In mid-August, we closed our offices and stopped all Russian operations ."

"Back in February, we decided not to sell, service or support products in Russia, Belarus, and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine."

CNews and TAdviser both reported this week that Dell will completely withdraw from Russia and will lay off all local employees . Russia's Ministry of Industry said on Friday that many researchers and engineers working for Dell in Russia had been given new jobs after media reports said Dell had pulled out altogether. 

Previously, due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, many Western technology companies have announced the suspension of their business in Russia, including Apple, Microsoft, Intel ...etc.

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