FSP launches Hydro PTM X PRO 1000W power supply with 46% increase in power density

According to the official news from FSP, the new Hydro PTM X PRO power supply will go on sale tonight, and the 1000W model will be launched at 1399 yuan.

The Hydro PTM X PRO series measures a shorter 130mm compared to the standard ATX power supply's 140mm length . The power density of the Hydro PTM X PRO 1000W is as high as 9.77W/IN³, which is 46% higher than the previous generation PTM PRO . In addition, this series of power supplies have passed the 80PLUS Platinum certification for high-efficiency conversion.

In terms of specifications, this series of power supplies adopts an LLC topology that allows zero-voltage switching of the main switch, significantly reducing switching losses and improving efficiency. Cooperate with DC-DC synchronous rectification technology to adjust the voltage, so that the output voltage change rate is within ±1%; all Japanese capacitors are used. Japanese 105°C industrial-grade electrolytic capacitors greatly extend service life, improve power efficiency and stability; equipped with 120mmFDB liquid bearing fans, equipped with ECO switches. When the switch is on, the power supply load is below 30% and the fan is adjusted to not spin.

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