Galaxy Kirin operating system developed and launched the "X anti-screenshot" function

According to the release of Kylin Software, Kylin Software has developed and launched the "X anti-screenshot" function of the Galaxy Kirin operating system. In order to achieve the purpose of protecting user privacy data security, it has been widely used in finance, auditing and other fields.

Galaxy Kirin operating system "X anti-screenshot" function is the first application on the independent innovation platform. This function is realized by adding an extension protocol, and there are three screenshot methods: window screenshot, full screen screenshot and area screenshot. When the window displays sensitive information or private data, the "X Anti-Screenshot" function of Galaxy Kylin OS can control the window and content of the screenshot tool according to the above three situations, including sensitive window screenshot control, control window query and anti-screening. Screenshot function query. 

The "X Anti-Screenshot" function of Galaxy Kylin operating system is based on the X extension framework, which is realized by adding a private protocol to the X layer. It has nothing to do with the window manager and synthesizer used by the system. With better privacy, flexibility and scalability, it supports common screenshot software on the control system: kylin-screenshot, imagemagick, flameshot, QT grabWindow, blue letter screenshot ...etc.

Close window tube

Closing the window manager means that the compositor is also closed, and the two windows are set to control, all the window areas are blocked, and the window title bar cannot be displayed.

Open the window pipe, close the composition

Open the window manager, close the synthesizer, and set the two windows for control. The screenshot effect is as shown in the figure below. The screenshot control function supports closing the synthesizer.

Open the window tube, open the composition

Open the window manager and compositor to control the normal window and the browser window. The browser cannot be displayed because the title bar is inside the window.

Galaxy Kirin operating system "X anti-screenshot" technology details:

General frame diagram of "X Anti-Screenshot" function of Galaxy Kirin operating system

The "X anti-screenshot" function of the Galaxy Kirin operating system is implemented based on the addition of the X framework protocol: the anti-screenshot protocol uses the X11 C/S communication mechanism for data transmission. The client side provides a screenshot interface for application calls to implement application control settings; the server side provides a client side interface to complete the screenshot settings of the screenshot software. This feature is widely applicable, independent of CPU instructions, and applicable to any architecture.

The anti-screenshot protocol is registered to the Xserver through the X extension mechanism. When the Xserver extension is initialized, the anti-screenshot protocol is registered. The protocol includes: extended initialization function and extended processing function. When Xserver receives data, it will distribute the data to the extended processing function, which will perform anti-screenshot processing on the data.

The X11 protocol provides three types of screenshot interfaces: image acquisition, image acquisition based on shared memory, and area copy. Common X-based screenshot software uses these three interfaces to take screenshots. The "X Anti-Screenshot" function also controls the above three interfaces, which are divided into application control settings and screenshot control processing.

Application control settings: As the client side, it informs Xserver whether the application window is controlled or not by calling the Screenshot interface.

Screenshot control processing: When the screenshot software calls the X11 screenshot interface to take screenshots, the Xserver side determines whether the captured content belongs to the controlled window according to the registered extension protocol.

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