Google employees revealed that Pixel 7/7Pro/7A will support LE Audio Bluetooth standard

On August 16th, Google released the official version of Android 13 and began to push updates to Pixel phones. As one of the upgrades of the new system, Android 13 will support the Bluetooth LE Audio standard.

When Google employees made changes to the Android code on August 15, it was revealed that the Pixel 7 series phones will support the LE Audio Bluetooth standard. As you can see from the picture, a Google employee asked if the relevant XML file for the Bluetooth LE Audio codec settings was actually used, or just an example. Another Google employee responded with a direct link to adding Bluetooth LE Audio settings to the Pixel 7 series.

The Google employee refers to the Pixel 7 series as "p22/p23a", where "p22" refers to the Pixel phones that Google will release in the fall of 2022, namely the Pixel 7/7Pro models. "p23a" refers to the Pixel A series of phones that Google will release in 2023, probably the Pixel 7A.

At present, the specific code of the Pixel 7/7Pro/7A has not been released, so it is impossible to see how these three phones will support the Bluetooth LE Audio standard. However, the Pixel 7/7Pro / 7A series can provide better sound quality, lower power consumption and lower latency as long as they support the LE Audio Bluetooth standard.

In January 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) released a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standards at CES 2020 - low-power audio LE Audio, which will not only improve Bluetooth Audio performance, it can also provide stronger support for hearing aid applications, and support audio sharing.

On August 20, the hands-on video of Google's Pixel 7/7 Pro prototype has been exposed . In addition, Google Pixel 7/7 Pro has passed FCC certification, which shows that it supports Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth and NFC functions. Previously broke the news that the Google Pixel 7 series will be equipped with Google's self-developed Tensor 2 processor and use a 2K flexible screen. It will be pre-ordered on October 6 and will be available for sale on October 13.

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