Google Pixel tablet may only be equipped with 64-bit Android 13

Google Pixel tablet has been officially announced to be launched in 2023. It will be equipped with Google Tensor chips like mobile phones, and more information is constantly being exposed.

According to information found by reliable Android whistleblower Mishaal Rahman, Google said in the submission that it "moved tangor to 64-bit only", and tangor broke the code name of the Pixel tablet, which means that the Pixel tablet may aggressively only support 64-bit.

 The Android ecosystem is currently on the way to 64-bit migration. Although Google, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc. have mandated that apps on the store must have 64-bit versions, there are still huge apps with only 32-bit versions.

If the Pixel tablet only supports 64-bit systems, it will encounter many situations where old software cannot be used. The tablet is confirmed to be equipped with a Tensor chip, and Tensor is still a 32-bit chip .

In addition, the Pixel tablet broke the news that it can be connected to a special dock called "Google Dock" through several contacts on the back, and will even replace the Nest Hub smart display.

In terms of image configuration, it is reported that the tablet is equipped with two Sony IMX355 sensors of 8MP in the front and the rear , which means that the Pixel tablet may not take the high-end route and will lack functions such as 4K recording and slow motion.

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