Gurman Says 'Apple Watch Pro Future' Will Support Satellite Connectivity

Apple has announced that it will hold a "Far Out" special event at 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8. This time, the online conference is still used, and it is expected to bring new products such as the iPhone 14 / Pro series, Apple Watch Series 8, and the official version of iOS 16.

For more than a year, there have been rumors that Apple is working on bringing the satellite function to the iPhone, and now it is said that it is likely to appear on the new iPhone 14 series. In addition to helping iPhone users report emergencies in areas without cellular service, Apple is now reportedly considering support for satellite connectivity on Apple Watch Pro devices.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said in the Power On newsletter that the next-generation rugged Apple Watch Pro could feature satellite connectivity.

"The company has also discussed internally the idea of ​​offering satellite capabilities to its watches, which could make sense for future versions of the newer, more rugged Apple Watch Pro."

In today's newsletter, Gurman discusses the importance of adding satellite connectivity to the iPhone.

"This is a step up from the current iPhone and Apple Watch capabilities to quickly call emergency services and provide them with a location. The prospect of having an iPhone and getting emergency care without a cellular connection is just the beginning of Apple's planning. Ultimately, Users can access the global internet and be able to make regular phone calls over the satellite link. The combination of fast 5G networks and satellite services could one day turn the iPhone into the most powerful global communications device.”

While the rumored first-generation Apple Watch Pro isn't expected to support satellite connectivity, the watch will also bring regular high-end feature upgrades.

The Apple Watch Pro will reportedly be visually distinguishable from the Apple Watch Series 8 with the new design, although rumors are divided as to whether it will have flat edges. Gurman talks about "the evolution of the current rectangular shape."

One of the major changes to the Apple Watch Pro will be its manufacturing materials. Currently, Apple Watch is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The Apple Watch Pro will reportedly feature a "more durable titanium formula," which Apple has worked hard to make as strong as possible.

According to reports, in addition to the larger 1.99-inch display design, the Apple Watch Pro also has longer battery life. Longer battery life will be a key factor in the "durability" aspect of this "extreme sports" version of the Apple Watch.

Much like the Apple Watch Series 8, this new Apple Watch Pro is expected to add support for body temperature measurement. While the Apple Watch can't accurately measure body temperature, it will send an alert when it detects an elevated body temperature. The user can then accurately measure the temperature with a conventional thermometer.

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