HD Bluetooth protocol standard LHDC-V released

The high-definition Bluetooth protocol standard LHDC-V version has been released, supporting up to 24bit / 192KHz. Officially, the LHDC-V version achieves true 24bit / 192Khz transmission within the effective bit rate range under the classic Bluetooth audio transmission and LE Audio architecture, and the frequency response range reaches 20Hz – 96KHz. Because of the increased bit and sampling rate, it can have Compared with the larger dynamic range of CD sound quality, it can more realistically restore the details of the music.

According to the official, LHDC brings high-quality sound and an immersive experience upgrade to driving travel by supporting the vehicle and optimizing and adjusting the indoor space parameters of the vehicle. Drivers and passengers only need to use mobile phones equipped with LHDC (Xiaomi All series, OPPO mobile phones, etc.), you can make a high-definition Bluetooth connection with the car and quickly enjoy the Hi-Res-level flagship experience.

LHDC-V supports 24bit / 192Khz sampling rate transmission, bit rate supports 128Kbps~1Mbps, supports Lossless & LE Audio, and can also adjust the adaptive sampling rate for the audio source format, and optimize for Bluetooth and other transmission forms Designed to provide the best possible sound quality.

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