Hongyuan Zhitong released ZhihongmetaOS V1.0 software release

According to the release of OpenHarmony, recently, the ZhihongmetaOS V1.0 software release version of Shenzhen Hongyuan Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyuan Zhitong) successfully passed the OpenAtom OpenHarmony (referred to as "OpenHarmony") 3.1 Release version Compatibility evaluation, awarded OpenHarmony Ecological Product Compatibility Certificate.

The ZhihongmetaOS V1.0 software release released this time has the characteristics of higher security, improved performance, strong business compatibility, end-cloud integrated management architecture, and open business data interfaces, which can help industry customers build the next-generation industry Internet based on OpenHarmony. structure to promote the digital transformation of the industry.

ZhihongmetaOS software distribution has the following features:

At the edge access layer, ZH-ICOT-Edge solves the problems of complex types and versions of industrial protocols, solidified functions of traditional data acquisition devices, and serious shortage of interconnection capabilities. It provides more than 100 types of protocol libraries with customizable industrial protocol access capabilities, and cooperates with the cloud self-describing protocol tool chain to solve the problem of industrial equipment data access.

In the device-cloud integration layer, the ZH-UniEngine device-cloud integration engine introduces the smart phone model into the industry equipment, the device functions are flexibly defined by the cloud, the hardware is standardized, and the software functions are defined and delivered by the cloud; no need to modify the device, and more services can be arranged through the cloud visualization. The logic of coordination and linkage of each terminal can easily build a cross-device hyperterminal; abstract various physical devices into a unified MetaDevice model, and the hardware interfaces, AI computing power, storage, and data of all devices are abstracted and converged on the cloud. It is a meta-device resource pool, and devices can access and call each other across the network.

In the capability opening layer, the ZH-SCOP cloud capability opening platform provides ICT/IoT/big data cloud capability opening, and exposes the basic capabilities of the IoT platform, the basic capabilities of integrated communication, and the big data capabilities to partners through API/SDK and other forms.

As a professional industry Internet OpenHarmony solution provider, ZhihongmetaOS launched this time can be used as the OpenHarmony digital base of the industry Internet, and also has underlying adaptation, OS optimization and customization, component algorithm development, industry consulting and planning, hardware design and production. The end-to-end capabilities can support the digital transformation of industry customers based on OpenHarmony in one stop. IT House has learned that the ZhihongmetaOS V1.0 release released this time has been applied in the field of public security, and will continue to expand in industries such as environmental protection and water conservancy.

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