How bad is the Intel Sharp independent graphics driver?

Lisa Pearce, vice president of Intel's Visual Computing Group, published a blog post explaining some of the latest developments in the development of Arc graphics software. In question 3, Lisa Pearce talked about the current driving situation of Ruixuan independent display. They recently received reviews of the A380 graphics card from multiple media outlets and found 43 issues in the Gamers Nexus review alone. Note that this is officially acknowledged by Intel.

By the end of July, Lisa Pearce said, they had corrected four of them. In the August 19th driver release, 21 UI issues have been fixed, as well as several game adaptation bugs. Intel plans to improve the way the driver package is installed later this year, packaging the control panel software and drivers into one package.

Lisa Pearce also talked about Ruixuan graphics card's support for VRR variable refresh rate and ResizableBAR in the blog post and admitted that the old graphics API has not been optimized, so the performance of old games will be worse.

Earlier this year, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger also said, the software we released on the discrete graphics card obviously underperformed, we thought we would be able to take advantage of the integrated graphics software stack, but it was completely insufficient. The level of performance required for discrete graphics, game compatibility, etc. So we missed our 4 million shipment target in discrete graphics, and it’s too late to remedy that.

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