Huawei WATCH 3 watch Hongmeng HarmonyOS 3 beta version push

According to feedback from netizens, Huawei WATCH 3 series watches began to push the internal beta version of Hongmeng HarmonyOS 3. This update software update package is large and the update process is long. To ensure the smooth completion of the update, please perform it in an environment with sufficient power and a stable network connection.

The changelog shows that HarmonyOS 3 is on schedule! HarmonyOS adheres to the concept of "commonly used and always new" and provides you with "further" zero-cost experience upgrades. Through this update, a super linkage function has been added to the pull-down of the dial interface. With a single pull, the interconnection and collaboration with the mobile phone can be realized, the connection is more convenient, and the control is more intelligent; the sports health management ability is further improved, and the sports monitoring is more professional and accurate, and healthy The guardian is more intimate and comprehensive; in addition, it also provides many practical and fun functions in terms of smart travel and convenient life. Welcome to update the experience.

Here are the updates:

Super linkage: The dial interface pull-down adds a super linkage function. With a single pull, you can realize the interconnection and collaboration between the watch and the mobile phone, remotely control the mobile phone to take pictures, and control the music playback (subsequent support for interconnection and collaboration with smart screens, Bluetooth headsets, and fitness equipment)

Professional sports: 
  • After the off-screen display is turned on, the screen can be kept on during exercise, which is convenient for viewing real-time exercise data
  • Added a new exercise automatic pause switch (Settings > Exercise Settings > Automatic Pause), after it is turned on, the watch can automatically pause or continue to exercise according to your exercise status
  • You can find, connect and use sports equipment through "Sports Health Equipment Management" (Settings > More Connections > Sports Health Equipment Management), drop-down on the dial interface, and use sports equipment (requires sports equipment support)
  • Support sports linkage, the watch can control the pause, resume, and end of the course of the sport on the mobile phone, and the movement is more free and unrestricted
  • Support connection to HUAWEI S - TAG motion sensing device, which can monitor running posture and cycling, and provide you with more professional sports data
  • Supports tripartite data linkage with Huawei mobile phones and sports equipment. When you start exercising on the sports equipment, the watch and mobile phone can be linked to sense and automatically enter the corresponding exercise mode, realizing real-time sharing of exercise data such as heart rate and calories (requires sports equipment support)
Health Management: The new altitude care application can assess the risk of altitude sickness and give scientific advice such as breathing training guidance

Smart Travel: NFC car key newly supports BYD models, the ability of the watch to open the door with a touch of the Bluetooth car key is further enhanced, and the watch can be used to open the door without feeling (currently only supports some AITO models)

Convenient life: 
  • Added a switch of "Automatically enter and exit sleep mode" in the sleep app (Sleep app > swipe up to "Sleep Settings"). After it is turned on, the watch will automatically enter and exit sleep mode according to your sleep state and supports the custom settings of time periods.
  • Added mute collaboration function, during a Bluetooth call, mute the watch or
  • One of the mobile phones can be linked to mute the watch and mobile phone at the same time (only supports HarmonyOS3 and above mobile phones)
  • Quickly switch audio devices during eSIM calls
  • You can control system settings through smart voice, such as volume control, turn on or turn off Bluetooth, do not disturb mode, etc.
  • Added kaleidoscope dial, you can choose your own photos to create a personalized dial, and rotate the crown to show a kaleidoscope effect
  • Added watch face market, you can browse and download your favorite watch faces directly from the watch
Playing skills: A new game-playing skill application has been added to select various watch usage tips for you to help you quickly understand watch usage skills

system: Optimize watch Bluetooth connection, enable new icon

Update Notes:
  • In order to get a better user experience, it is recommended to update the "Sports Health" app to the latest version through the app market before updating. 
  • Please maintain an internet connection during the update process, if the update fails, please try again.
  • The update process of the wearable device may take a long time. Please wait patiently for the progress bar on the device side to complete. After the system update, the device will automatically restart.
  • If you encounter any problems during use, please visit the pollen forum or call the Huawei customer service hotline at 950800 for support.
" Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS 3 officially released: scale upgrade in September, support for 12 kinds of smart device combination collaboration, super terminal, universal card, smooth performance, privacy, and security.... "

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