IFixit: Apple’s MacBook / Pro self-service repair program is unreliable

Earlier this week, Apple announced a self-service repair service for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops equipped with M1 series chips, users can obtain repair manuals and original parts and tools through Apple's self-service repair shop.

However, repair guide site iFixit is not happy with Apple's approach. In a blog post, iFixit's Sam Goldheart said Apple's plans managed to make the MacBook Pro look " harder to fix, " mainly because Apple is currently very expensive and time-consuming to replace MacBook Pro batteries.

Apple doesn't allow users to buy a separate battery for the MacBook Pro, but instead must order a part called a " Top Case ," iFixit said. The user must then follow Apple's repair manual to replace the entire "Top Case" part of the MacBook Pro pictured below.

The "Top Case" parts include the keyboard, battery, speakers, etc. The parts for the 14-inch MacBook Pro version are priced at $ 527 (about 3604.68 yuan), which is $200 more than asking Apple's official/authorized store to replace the battery (about 1368 yuan ). 

The maintenance manual given by Apple has a full 162 pages . If the user does not have suitable tools, it will cost 49 US dollars (about 335.16 yuan) to rent a maintenance tool kit, so the time and money costs are far away. Higher than Apple official/authorized store repair.

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