India will introduce domestic alternative incentive policies for electronic components

According to Indian media reports, after a series of policies aimed at restricting imports and supporting domestic production of terminal products such as smartphones, the Indian government is currently planning to introduce its manufacturing localization initiative PLI (Production Linked Incentive) to electronic information manufacturing. The upstream extension of the industry to narrow the trade deficit.

According to the report, although the PLI policy for smartphones and other products has increased the proportion of local manufacturing and driven the export of related manufactured products, the electronic components required for these end products still rely heavily on imports . The trade deficit in China reached US$56 billion, of which US$25.6 billion was due to imports of electronic components.

Industry insiders told the Indian media that the only way to reduce the trade deficit in electronic products is to strengthen the domestic industry, which is inseparable from the government's formulation of correct PLI incentives.

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