Indian officials deny that they will ban the sale of Chinese 1,000-yuan machines

According to Bloomberg, India intends to restrict Chinese mainland smartphone manufacturers from selling devices priced below 12,000 Indian rupees (about 1,026 yuan) in order to promote the development of India's domestic mobile phone industry. In response to the news, a senior Indian government official said that the Indian government has no plans to restrict Chinese mobile phone brands from selling low-end smartphones in the Indian market.

According to a report by India’s Mint on the 11th, a person familiar with the internal affairs of the Indian government said: “The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has not considered such proposals.”

In addition, some Indian industry insiders also expressed their views on the matter. A research executive of a consulting firm said that the implementation of the ban on sales would disrupt the entire Indian mobile phone market and lead to instability in the entire ecosystem of the Indian mobile phone market. Therefore, the implementation of This lock-up is unlikely. At the same time, he added, Indian brands need a strong product, sales, and after-sales service, which they currently lack.

An executive at IDC's India branch also said that India is an "open market", and the ban is difficult to implement, and if it does, it will be difficult for the remaining market players to fill the gap in the market.

The Mint also said that according to industry insiders, the relevant Indian government has realized that the Indian market share of local mobile phone brands is declining, and the Indian government is also looking for policies and support to help local mobile phone companies (Lava, Micromax, etc.) Take back market share, but these local companies cannot compete with Chinese brands in terms of manufacturing scale or marketing strength.

According to Counterpoint data, as of the second quarter of June 2022, smartphones under $150 accounted for one-third of India's sales, of which Chinese companies accounted for 80% of shipments, and Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, and Vivo occupy four of the top five by share.

In addition, India has carried out numerous enforcement actions against Chinese mobile phone companies, including Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, etc. On July 29, India also pulled the Indian version of the “PUBG Mobile” mobile game “Battlegrounds Mobile India” again.

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