Intel 13th Gen Core Turbo Exposure

The whistleblower momomo_us found the highest turbo frequency information of the 13th generation Core K series processors in overseas e-commerce.

As shown in the figure below, the i9-13900K has a maximum turbo frequency of 5.8GHz, the i7-13700K has a maximum of 5.4GHz, and the i5-13600K has a maximum of 5.1GHz.

Not ong ago, the UP master of station B "EP Extreme Player Hall" exposed Intel's upcoming 13th generation Core desktop processor lineup, i9-13900K is 8 large cores + 16 small cores, i7-13700K is 8 Large core + 8 small cores, i5-13600K is 6 large cores + 8 small cores.

Based on the previous revelations, Intel is expected to release the 13th generation Core desktop processors and the new 700 series motherboards from September to October. The 13th-generation Core will have more core counts and L2/L3 caches, add DDR5-5600 memory support, and also support DDR4-3200 memory.

In addition, it is reported that the i3-13100 to i5-13600 models are the vest models of the 12th-generation Core.

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