Intel Announces 12th Gen Core PS Series, LGA Packaged Mobile Processors

Not long ago, Intel released the 12th generation Core HX series processors, porting the desktop processors to the mobile terminal. Now, Intel has announced the 12th generation Core PS series processors, porting mobile processors to the desktop.

According to reports, this series of processors is used for IoT applications, including models in the 12th-generation Core H and U series, but in an LGA package.

The 45W models of the Alder Lake PS series processors include 8-core i3-12300HL processors to 14-core i7-12800HL processors, and 15W models include 5-core Celeron 7305L to 10-core i7-1265UL.

Intel said that this series of processors combines the SOC design of the 12th generation mobile processing, the high-end core display and the LGA packaging flexibility of the 12th generation desktop processors , and the graphics processing speed is increased by 4 times compared with the previous generation IoT SoC. AI inference performance improved by 6.6 times.

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