Intel's abandoned 10nm Cannon Lake-Y CPU samples exposed

Hardware collector and critic YuuKi-AnS posted a photo of Intel's abandoned 10nm Cannon Lake-Y CPU , which uses a three-chip design and is also small in overall size. It says " Special Samples ".

Launched in 2018 and discontinued less than two years later, Intel's Cannon Lake architecture is the shortest-lived CPU architecture in the company's history.

As you can see from the picture, this abandoned Cannon Lake-Y CPU is a 3-die MCP (multi-chip processor) in a BGA1392 package that measures 28mm x 16.5mm , or 462 mm².

According to the exposed data, there are three chips on the package. The 10nm CPU chip is the largest of the three chips with a size of 70.52 mm² , followed by the PCH chip with a size of 46.17 mm², and finally the McIVR chip with a size of 13.72 mm².

The McIVR (Multi-Chip Integrated Voltage Regulator) was used to handle the voltage regulation between the two die, but Intel later switched to a fully integrated voltage regulation FIVR. From the motherboard in the picture below, you can see how small the size of this CPU is.

Intel's 10nm Cannon Lake architecture has only officially launched one product, namely the i3-8121U , which was once installed in a Lenovo notebook and Intel NUC. The CPU has 2 cores and 4 threads, 2.2-3.2GHz, and even No nuclear display.

In 2020, another Cannon Lake architecture CPU, the m3-8114Y , is exposed, with 2 cores and 4 threads, clocked at 1.5GHz, equipped with Gen 10 core display, and the running score is slightly higher than that of the 14nm process m3-7Y30.

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