IOS 16: Apple's iPhone status bar battery percentage is expected to return

The fifth beta version of Apple's iOS 16 has resurfaced with a feature that many iPhone users have been missing for a long time: the battery percentage displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen.

In 2017, Apple released the iPhone X with a "notch" that left little room for a battery status indicator. Therefore, Apple has hidden it in the notification shade, which can be accessed by swiping down. Since then, the battery percentage has been hidden there, only visible on the home screen on iPhone models with a Home button.

Now, in the latest beta version of iOS 16, the battery percentage is written into the battery icon as a number, leaving enough room to display phone signal information and Wi-Fi status. This means that users don't need to swipe down the screen to see the exact battery percentage. If Apple were to add an always-on display feature to the next iPhone, this battery percentage adjustment would also be useful, since users can check the battery status without touching the phone.

An Apple spokesperson did not immediately say whether this battery percentage adjustment would carry over to the final version of iOS 16. This update is currently only available in the developer and public beta versions. The new iOS system will be released this fall, possibly in September, when Apple is expected to release the iPhone 14.

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