JPMorgan: Auto chip shortage will ease in second half of this year

JP Morgan Research (JP Morgan Research) recently issued a comment saying that the tension in the supply chain of automotive chips since 2020 is about to ease significantly. The department said that the new crown epidemic was the catalyst for the shortage of automotive chips, but structural factors also played an important role, and the transition to automation and electrification brought higher demand for chips.

However, according to the department's tracking, the supply chain will be significantly loosened in the second half of 2022. Overall, the shortage of chips is coming to an end. Although some categories are still in short supply, the agency's analyst Sandeep Deshpande believes that the decline in consumer electronics demand will allow some foundries to free up production capacity. It is used in the automotive and industrial markets, but the certification of vehicle-regulated products is still a major limitation of supply and demand matching. If there is no such problem, the supply and demand of automotive chips will be balanced by the end of this year.

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