Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s released

Lenovo's personal cloud storage X1s was officially released this evening, with an initial price of 2,899 yuan.

Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s is equipped with a new generation of Intel N5105 platform with four cores and four threads, with a main frequency of 2.9GHz, the CPU performance is increased by 40%, and the GPU performance is increased by 125%.

The Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s is equipped with dual 2.5G network cards and supports link aggregation, which increases the peak network speed by 150%, up to 5G.

Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s not only has a hard core configuration, but also brings an upgrade of the interactive experience. Users only need to glance at the screen on the fuselage, and they can grasp the core information of the device such as performance occupancy and transmission speed at any time, and conduct accurate troubleshooting and diagnosis of the device status. Especially for new users who have installed it for the first time, they can also know at any time through the visual interactive screen. Installation progress.

Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s has launched a new personal cloud system 3.0 , which has a comprehensive layout around the scene. Among them, Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s has been fully upgraded for AI photo albums, home audio and video systems and music centers, and more than 300 interactions have been optimized to bring more efficient data management capabilities.

Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s adopts the 5Pro bay architecture of 4 bays + 1 multi-function bay , which not only supports up to 100TB mass storage space, but also supports various disk functions such as hot backup, plug-in, and acceleration. 

The real-time backup function can realize multi-screen interconnection across platforms , and keep the data at home and company synchronized at all times. For multi-person collaboration scenarios such as small teams or studios, Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s also optimizes permissions management and group space management functions. Different files can be shared to different groups, and multiple access permissions can be set.

The new home audio and video system can classify and organize the videos in the user's personal cloud, and generate an intuitive poster wall for easy presentation and retrieval.

At the same time, Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s also brings Douban ratings and movie information to provide users with a better reference for watching movies and chasing dramas.

In addition, Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s and Xunlei jointly launched the personal cloud high-speed exclusive version of Xunlei Download , users can enjoy a free and extremely fast download experience.

Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s has also improved the photo function. With its powerful computing power, it has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of AI photo recognition , and can perform global positioning recognition on photos.

In addition to the release of the flagship Lenovo personal cloud storage X1s, Lenovo personal cloud storage family products have also been fully upgraded at this conference.

Lenovo personal cloud storage NEW T2 Pro with Intel N4120 quad-core chip and 2.5G network card , the performance has been greatly improved; with Realtek 1619B quad-core chip and new independent NPU Lenovo personal cloud storage T2s and Lenovo personal cloud storage A1s.

Lenovo's new personal cloud storage series will be available for pre-order/pre-sale tonight. Participating in the pre-sale and merger will also receive an additional 400 yuan Western Digital Red Plus hard drive coupon:

  • Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1s is priced at 2899 yuan, and the first sale period will give you a 4TB Western Digital Red Plus hard drive
  • Lenovo's ultra-performance personal cloud NEW T2 Pro is priced at 1699 yuan, with a starting price of 1499 yuan
  • Lenovo's high-performance personal cloud T2s is priced at 1299 yuan, with a starting price of 999 yuan
  • Lenovo Sophisticated Personal Cloud A1s 4TB version is priced at 1599 yuan, and the starting price is 1299 yuan

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