LeTV responded to the "CLP Panda home appliance OEM problem"

LeTV Super TV officially released the "Supplementary Instructions on LeTV's "Panda LCD Screen" Products", saying that although "Panda" has not been able to effectively perform after-sales responsibility for LeTV, the two parties have so far failed to An effective plan has been reached, but this part of after-sales service has been maintained in a normal state and has never been affected, and will not be affected by the disputes between LeEco and "Panda" in the future.

LeEco pointed out in the statement that it will continue to solve user problems, and will consider whether to launch special after-sales services according to the degree of quality problems of these three models . LeTV's details are as follows:

Among the three TVs of Y43, F43, and F55, only the "Panda" OEM has a quality accident

The products with quality problems disclosed by us only refer to the three models of Y43, F43 and F55 produced by Nanjing Zhongdian Panda Home Appliance Co., Ltd. and its Dongguan branch. The quality problems of the above three models have been locked as "Panda" "LCD screen" quality problem, that is, the material problem of the "Panda screen" used, does not involve other suppliers' screens, other quality factors and other models. The cooperation between LeEco and Panda started in early 2019 and ended in March 2022. LeTV currently cooperates with domestic mainstream high-quality manufacturers (such as CW, HK, etc.) to ensure the quality of products and protect the rights and interests of users. The three models of Y43, F43 and F55 are also entrusted to a number of suppliers to produce. Among them, 29% of the two TVs Y43 and F43 come from the "Panda" factory. Among the three products, only TVs produced by CLP Panda appear. quality accident.

The after-sales problems of "Panda" OEM TVs will not be affected by our disputes with "Panda"

Although after the outbreak of LeEco's capital crisis, we went through a very difficult period, the brand reputation was damaged, a large number of users complained, and there were even many rumors about LeEco's "collapse". However, this has not affected our determination and confidence in regaining our credibility and rebranding our brand. We have never changed our philosophy of attaching importance to product quality and after-sales service. That is why, although "Panda" failed to fulfill its after-sales responsibilities to LeEco, both parties So far, no effective solution has been reached, but LeEco's after-sales responsibility for users is a matter between LeEco and users. This part of after-sales service has been maintained in a normal state and has never been affected, and will not be affected by the relationship between LeEco and "Panda" in the future. Disputes between them are affected, and we will continue to solve user problems. This is the attitude and action of LeEco as a brand owner as always. In the follow-up, we will consider whether to launch special after-sales service according to the degree of quality problems of these three models. Please continue to pay attention and supervise.

Now that LeTV's TV business is back on track, we will do our best to improve product quality and after-sales, so as to bring users a "fast and good" after-sales service experience. We will continue to provide you with after-sales service in accordance with the following standards: after receiving the user's repair request, the customer service will contact the user within 24 hours, and within 24 hours in urban areas (48 hours in outer counties and outer suburbs, and 96 hours in Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Tibet) Handle, 7 days for non-screen repairs, 15 days for screen repairs.

Face the deficiencies and strengthen management to avoid similar quality control problems in the future

The Y43, F43, and F55 models produced in cooperation with "Panda" have quality accidents. We do have shortcomings in quality control. We believe too much in the halo of "Panda" as a central enterprise, and mistakenly believe that "Panda" will correct and deal with quality problems in a timely manner.

The Y43, F43, and F55 were mass-produced in October 2019 and December 2019, respectively. After the launch, we found abnormalities through market tracking and bad data monitoring, and stopped the production of the Y43 model in April 2020. In June and July 2020, Panda provided an analysis report on screen defects of various models, and also gave improvement plans. In the spirit of cooperation and trust, we agree that the F43 and F55 models will continue to use the original screen. Due to the high non-performing rate in the follow-up market, the "Panda" could not be effectively improved. Our quality department officially issued a ban on the original model screen in November 2020. In April and May 2021, "Panda" replaced the F55 and F43 models with BOE screens (not the "Panda screens" produced by the original Chengdu factory), and the quality problem was solved.

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