LG Innotek vs. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is negotiating with Tesla

Earlier last month, a source revealed that Samsung Electro-Mechanics, an electronic component supplier under Samsung, defeated LG Innotek and others in the bidding, and finally won Tesla's camera module. The order amount is expected to be between 4 trillion and 5 trillion won, or 3.2 billion to 4 billion US dollars. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will also replace LG Innotek as Tesla's largest camera module supplier.

The latest reports from South Korean media show that LG Innotek is currently negotiating with Tesla on the supply of camera modules worth 1 trillion won.

South Korean media reported that they were negotiating with Tesla based on the information disclosed publicly by LG Innotek, but LG Innotek said that the negotiations were still in progress, and there was no confirmed news, but they also said that after the specific details were confirmed, they It is planned to disclose the relevant news again within a month.

If LG Innotek and Tesla finally reach a deal, they will supply camera modules to Tesla's Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, the sources said. This super factory is currently producing Model Y, and its production capacity continues to increase.

Although LG Innotek and Tesla are negotiating the supply of camera modules, according to previous reports from foreign media, even if they get an order of 1 trillion won, it will be lower than Samsung Electro-Mechanics' 4 trillion-5 Trillion won, which means that their share of Tesla's camera modules will be much lower than that of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

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