Logitech announces closure of all operations in Russia

Following the announcements by Dell and Ericsson, Logitech also said it would close all remaining businesses in Russia. Many other tech companies have pulled out of the region in recent months.

Logitech said in a recent statement:

"In March of this year, we communicated that Logitech would stop shipping to Russia, and we have been monitoring the situation closely, but unfortunately, the situation does not allow us to continue our business as before."

Due to the ongoing conflict in Russia and Ukraine, technology companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and Apple have issued statements to withdraw from the market.

Logitech has yet to comment on the timeline for the closure, and it's unclear how employees currently working for it will be affected.

Logitech, one of the makers of PC accessories including mice, keyboards, and video conferencing tools, recently partnered with Zoom to release a range of new hardware including interactive monitors.

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