Magic Claw releases R5 direct drive package

MOZA released the R5 direct drive package, which supports mainstream racing games, starting at 2799 yuan. According to reports, this device uses a 5.5 Nm direct drive with the same server, which officials say can bring real force feedback and restore various rich details in the racing process.

According to MOZA, the complete set of R5 direct-drive kits can be assembled in about 10 minutes. It is small and portable and does not occupy a lot of space. A small desk can also be built out of the cockpit. The R5 suit is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, high-grade leather, high-strength steel, and other materials. It has a built-in control center and preset driving modes such as GT, performance car, formula, rally, drift, and karting. It also has base corners, force feedback, and Custom adjustment of dozens of parameters such as pedal stroke.

In terms of game support, the  R5 direct drive set has been adapted to dozens of mainstream simulation racing games such as the Horizon series, the racing plan series, the dust rally series, the Assetto Corsa series, and the F1 series.

The MOZA R5 direct drive set is priced at 2,799 yuan for the two-pedal version and 2,999 yuan for the three-pedal version. At the same time, MOZA also launched the FSR steering wheel, priced at 3499 yuan.

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