Meizu 17/18/18s series pushes a small amount of Flyme update

 A small number of users of the Meizu 17/18/18s series received the Flyme update today , which optimized the problem that some application background processes were easily killed, and optimized the system fluency.

The size of this update is less than 100MB, and there is no major feature update. IT House checked the Meizu community and learned that the models launched this time include Meizu 17/17 Pro / 18/18 Pro / 18s / 18s Pro .

The Meizu Flyme 9.3 version was released in full on June 30 , suitable for the Meizu 17/18/18s series and Meizu 18X models, bringing a lot of content improvements. The Alive wallpaper adds three new screen displays and four desktop effects; desktop Support to replace the icon pack, double-click the desktop to lock the screen neatly; the game mode adds a battery reminder. Aicy screen recognition adds new product price comparison; long press the shutter to quickly record, the gallery supports desktop plug-ins, etc.

This grayscale push is a new minor version patch. According to clues found by netizens, this update also seems to have added a VoNR switch and supports China Radio and Television Network .

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