Meta will launch new VR headset in October

Facebook parent company Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) revealed that Meta will launch a new virtual reality headset in October. In the past, Meta held its Connect VR conference in October.

In a podcast on Thursday, Zuckerberg said Meta's next-generation virtual reality headset will offer new features to help users have a "social presence"-like experience. For example, the new headsets will integrate more and more advanced eye and face tracking features. With these features, when users are smiling or frowning, their digital human in the virtual world will do the same.

Zuckerberg said: "In the process of people communicating with each other, non-verbal communication conveys more information than verbal communication." According to him, digital people in the virtual world in the future will be more vivid and interactive. sex.

Although Zuckerberg didn't name the VR headset, it's likely that he's talking about what's currently code-named Project Cambria. The headset will cost at least $800 , well above the current Meta's flagship Quest 2, which ranges from $399 to $499 for different models. However, Meta has also recently raised the price of the Quest 2 as logistics and production costs continue to rise.

Meta has continued to invest in virtual reality and related technologies in recent years to promote the evolution of computing technology and human-computer interaction to virtual reality. However, it could take the company many years to recoup the massive Metaverse-related losses of its virtual reality unit, Reality Labs. In 2021, the Reality Labs division reported revenue of $2.27 billion, but a net loss of $10.19 billion.

In this podcast, Zuckerberg also compared Instagram's user experience to that of rival Twitter. Twitter is currently engaged in a legal battle with Tesla CEO Elon Musk over the acquisition. Zuckerberg said: "On Twitter, everyone is very smart and says deep things, but many of them are very sharp. I find that if you spend a lot of time on Twitter, it can be unsettling. ."

Earlier this week, a former Twitter executive in charge of information security launched a "whistleblower whistleblower" claiming that Twitter's behavior and approach to information security misled board members, users and shareholders.

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